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Services (private and public sectors)

  • Sustainability communication & marketing

    Helping you craft your messages, running global or national campaigns, and launching events that increase your brand's visibility in the right way.

  • Sustainability training

    Keynote talks, executive workshops & forums.

  • ESG Policy

    Understanding it and translating it into tangible action.

  • Carbon Net Zero

    Working with you to understand & calculate your scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emission figures, and inform your emission reduction initiatives and your offset.

  • Green certifications

    Helping you choose them, and helping you get them.

  • Healthy & sustainable workspace

    Helping you create integral wellbeing projects including nutrition, food waste reduction, sustainable & healthy interior design, and productivity-boosting health perks for employees.

  • Satellite images + data analysis

    Earth observation, and monitoring 50+ data variables anywhere around the planet with a cluster of satellites.

  • Food Security

    Helping you craft high-impact programs and projects.

  • Decentralized Environmental Verification (DEV)

    Helping you open your sustainability data to get ahead of your competition.

  • Service for education institutions

    Designing Sustainability-Related Academic Programs Crafting next-generation sustainability undergraduate, masters, and PhD programs. Programs can be created in any language and adapted to any national context.


  • The 4 co-founders alone have a combined experience of 84 years in sustainability, ESG policy, clean tech, sustainability marketing, and strategy consulting.

  • They all have received international awards in diverse fields and have advised international institutions, governments, companies and foundations around the world (35+ countries).

  • They work with 60+ specialized experts from all around the world to tailor solutions for your key challenges.

Christopher Córdova

Expert in climate change, biodiversity, and sustainability policy and communication. Renowned for his global network & PR capabilities, his privileged access to information about international affairs, and his vast cross-cultural tools (being a polyglot, an expert in politics, social issues, world religions, geography, history, and institutional contexts, and being a strategist behind effective public advocacy efforts).

  • Author of 23 books and hundreds of opinion articles that explore sustainability from many perspectives.
  • 260+ lectures at world-class institutions and events in 23 countries.
  • Facilitator of environmental projects in 25+ countries.
  • Founder of his own natural reserve.
  • Co-founder of the awarded AI for Climate Global Initiative (advancing the use of Artificial Intelligence tools for nature protection), The Institute for Democracy and Innovation, Shared Ink Editions, and The Christopher Córdova Agency.
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Gold Darr

Expert in clean-tech, environmental engineering, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Food Security, sustainability standards and certifications, and sustainability finance. Gold’s objective is to help manifest the regenerative economy as the new global economic paradigm.

  • Began college engineering at 12 and by 16 had produced her first original innovation in sustainability (micro-photovoltaic cells distributed in metallic solar paint).
  • She has applied her cross-disciplinary engineering background to birth over 200 technologies and a dozen companies across the globe.
  • She has worked with Venture Capital firms and BlackRock for their international Environmental Sustainable Governance rollout.
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Luis Rossano

Expert in corporate ESG, corporate policy & strategy, clean-tech, Deep Tech, IoT, engineering & efficiency, and technology development. Founder & Chairman of Blue Quark Group, iQuantum Patent Factory, AI Acelera, and Motrix Technologies. Advisor to the unicorn Jüsto. Regularly Consulted Expert by China Global Television Network, Financiero Bloomberg, Washington Post, and German & Italian outlets. G20/B20 taskforce Member. Advocacy work at UNESCO and IMF.

  • Patentholder engineer.
  • Internationally awarded business leader.
  • Serial tech entrepreneur.
  • 210+ Lectures.
  • 100+ State & Business Missions around the world.
  • Vice-president of two business chambers.
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Constanza Gómez Mont

Expert in ESG Policy, Exponential Technologies, Climate Change, Sustainability Communication, and Sustainability Training. Constanza is an outstanding public advocacy strategist, a seasoned international consultant, and an effective multi-sector coalition-builder.

  • Founder of C Minds, a pioneering think and action tank in Latin America.
  • Advisor to multilateral organizations.
  • Chair of diverse high-level councils at, among others, UNESCO and the World Economic Forum.
  • Renowned international speaker.
  • Co-founder of The AI for Climate Global Initiative.
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Larry Harrington
Senior Consultant
ESG Policy

Much of Larry's focus at the IDB was on private sector project finance, environmental compliance, and governance. After the IDB, Harrington joined the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, as a Public Policy Scholar. He served on US Presidential Transition teams 1992 and 2008. Advisor at the US Senate and to Al Gore during his tenure in Congress and in several campaigns.

  • Appointed by President Clinton and twice confirmed by the U.S. Senate as United States Executive Director and Alternate Director of the Inter-American Development Bank and the Inter-American Investment Corporation.
  • Representative of the Inter-American Development Bank in Mexico, where he managed the Bank’s portfolio and was a member of the diplomatic corps.
  • Has held leadership, management, and legal positions in government and the private sector.
  • Distinguished service award from the U.S. Treasury Department.
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Agustin Paulin
Senior Consultant
Sustainability academic program design

Agustin is Founder and CEO of GEMIINI Learning Systems, he was Director of Digital Transformation at Tec de Monterrey, the largest private University in Mexico, and CIO of the Ministry of Education, where he led the largest educational technology initiative nationwide. Experienced consultant for universities and companies, and member of the board of various EdTech companies.

  • Expert in education, digital education, innovation, and corporate training with more than 20 years of experience.
  • PhD in Education from Stanford University.
  • Endeavor mentor.
  • Renowned international speaker.
  • Expert in the creation of academic programs.
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Socorro Gómez
Senior Consultant
ESG Policy & sustainability training

Socorro has a PhD in Economics, and over 20 years of experience in the private and public sectors. She has vast knowledge of policy, business, strategic planning and international affairs.

  • Has collaborated with national and international institutions on projects and events on environmental challenges, civil society, finance, and social security.
  • Has published articles on Economics, applied econometrics, social issues, and climate change.
  • Has held academic positions in the United States and Mexico.
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Kate Turner
Senior Consultant
Carbon Net Zero

  • Founder of VOR Earth, a UK-based agency specialized in carbon offset strategies.
  • Carbon footprint & emissions reduction expert.
  • Background in Engineering & materials engineering.
  • Developed her deep interest in sustainability and Climate Change during her service years in the Royal Air Force and the UK's Ministry of Defence, which led her to be part of the Ministry's Climate Change & Sustainability Directorate.
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Ariel Córdova
Senior Consultant
Sustainability (ESG) Policy & legislation

  • Founder of Polityk Tactical Consulting.
  • 30 years of experience in policy and legislation.
  • Has coordinated 48 political campaigns and dozens of public advocacy processes across Latin America.
  • Masters in: political marketing (Spain), political strategy & communication (USA), and Public Policy (Mexico).
  • Renowned international consultant with vast knowledge of policy & legislation formulation, negotiation, and communication.
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Benjamin Najar Jr.
Senior Consultant
Satellite images

Collaborates with diverse groups, such as the Mexican Space Agency, Mexican Congress and Blue Origin, to promote environmental monitoring and protection through Earth Observation from Space, and to promote STEM careers among young people. Currently focusing the efforts of his group on space programs on three main areas: Earth Observation, satellite design and integration, and spaceports.

  • 20 years of experience in the aerospace industry.
  • President of satellite company Thrusters Unlimited.
  • Vice-president of the Space Commission of the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry.
  • General Director of Aerospace Net.
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Mona AL Muhr
Senior Consultant

Mona has taken part in complex multi-stakeholders projects in the Gulf countries, and has successfully managed high-stakes business relations across the region. Her strong interdisciplinary perspective and PR skills have helped her build an extraordinary cross-sector network. Mona is also involved in multiple inclusion, diversity, and governance initiatives.

  • Expert on business & consulting in the Gulf Countries.
  • International speaker.
  • Background in finance, accounting, Tax, and management.
  • Extensive experience and understanding of the private and public sectors, as well as governance, and stakeholder management.
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Eduardo Espadas
Senior Consultant
Sustainability academic program design

Permanent member of the organizing committee and paper reviewer in the International Seminar on Education for Sustainability and the International Congress on Environmental Education for Sustainability (Mexico).

  • Former president of the Polytechnic University of Yucatan. Has also held other senior positions in public and private universities.
  • IEEE Senior Member. Active collaboration since 2010 among professionals and scientists from all over the world, fostering engineering and technology.
  • Co-creator of engineering programs with the ‘BIS’ (bilingual, international, and sustainable) educational model at Polytechnic Universities.
  • Expert in academic program creation.
  • Expert in virtual learning environments design.
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Luis D. Mateos
Senior Consultant

Luis has a hybrid background of technology and finance, with studies on group dynamics, foresight planning, the fashion industry and quality management.

  • Founder of Mateos Consulting, a firm that focuses on implementing management standards & best practices.
  • Has held diverse management & leadership roles ranging from educational, commercial, financial, and consulting.
  • Holds 2 Master’s, 1 Post-Grad, 2 Bachelor’s, 2 Associate’s and +45 personal industry certifications in IT, Finance, Management, Standards, and Best Practices.
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Guadalupe Macias
Senior Consultant
Sustainability marketing

Has successfully managed multiple informative crises of national and international relevance for the mining, steel & iron, automotive, aeronautic, and service sectors, as well as educational institutions and public figures.

  • Founder and Director of KGM, a consulting firm specialized in institutional relations, corporate communication, public advocacy, and crisis management.
  • Has been a marketing consultant to dozens of companies, including Villacero, Afirme Grupo Financiero, Volkswagen, Airbus Industries, Boeing, Procter & Gamble, IBM, C&F International, among others.
  • Marketing consultant to industry associations such as the National Auto Parts Industry and the Latin American Steel Association.
  • Communication advisor to public institutions, such as the Ministry of Economy of Mexico.
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Regina Cervera

Consultant. Carbon Net Zero.

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Luis Sánchez

Senior consultant. Healthy & sustainable workspace.

Marco Oliva

Consultant. Sustainability marketing.
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